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December 2016

Announcing the Totally Triangle Quiltalong

2017 is going to be my year of the Triangle! Will it be yours too?

Triangle patchwork blocks are so much fun to cut and sew - they come together really quickly and are a lot easier than they look!

I'm also excited that the Sampler quilt has been accepted into Quiltcon, so if you are going to Savannah in February do look out for it.


To celebrate the launch of my pattern, I am running a Quiltalong on Instagram starting on January 7th 2017. See further down this entry for details.

The pattern for the Modern Triangle Sampler is now available in my Craftsy store here and also from Quilters' Lane at www.quilterslane.co.nz. I will have physical copies available in the shop also.

The pattern is about 80 pages long and includes detailed instructions on how to cut all the shapes in the blocks, 25 block patterns and also finishing instructions for putting together a sampler quilt.

Pattern and rulers


Welcome to the Totally Triangle Quiltalong!



 Join me on January 7th 2017 for the start of the Totally Triangle Quiltalong.

 Follow me on Instagram at @mysteryquilter

You can also follow  my facebook page at www.facebook.com/mysteryquilter

 I will be doing some giveaways during the quiltalong, so make sure you post your blocks in Instagram with the hashtag #totallytrianglequiltalong to be in to win!

What do I need to join in?

  1. Your own copy of the Modern Triangle Sampler pattern, downloadable from my Craftsy store or www.quilterslane.co.nz (or buy a physical copy from Quilters' Lane).
  2. Fabric – see pattern for requirements
  3. Tools:
  • 60 degree triangle ruler – preferably 12” C&T Clearview or 12 ½” Creative Grids
  • Recommended: C&T Corner cut 60 2 in 1 tool
  • Rotary cutter, mat and 6” by 24” quilting ruler
  • Sewing machine and usual sewing notions

There are no templates or paper patterns to print for this project – everything is cut using rulers only.

Block Schedule

The 80 page pattern includes twenty five triangle blocks as well as the instructions for cutting the pieces, and for putting your quilt together at the end.

Here is the schedule for posting photos of your blocks on Instagram.  Of course you can make the blocks whenever you like, this is just the schedule for posting photos if you wish to follow the Quiltalong. Use the tag #totallytrianglequiltalong when posting your blocks.

Date                                      Blocks

January 7th                         Triangle Nine Patch

January 14th                        Bunting

January 21st                                Egg Timer

January 28th                        Arrows

February 4th                        Campground

February 11th                             Propellor

February 18th                     Evening Star

February 25th                     Tararuas

March  4th                          Bow Tie

March 11th                           Chevron

March 18th                           Rimu Tree

March 25th                           Diamonds are Forever

April 1st                                 Gold Medal

April 8th                                 Hexagon Delights

April 15th                              Down in the Valley

April 22nd                              Soccer Ball

April 29th                              True Love

May 6th                               Hex Nut

May 13th                               Triple Gem

May  20th                              Whirlybird

May 27th                             Bowl of Cherries

June 3rd                                     Twinkle Twinkle

June 10th                              Tricorn

June 17th                            Woven Ribbons

June 24th                              Trillium


Here’s to 25 weeks of triangle fun and sharing!





Quiltmarket - Making Connections

This year I went to Quiltmarket in Houston for the first time ever. Wow, what an amazing event - there are so many designers, manufacturers, exciting stalls and new fabrics.. it was hard to know where to begin.

Quiltmarket is an event for shop owners, designers and people in the business of quilting. It goes on for three days (plus a day of 'schoolhouses' at the beginning), and then the whole area is cleared out to make way for Quilt Festival, which everyone can attend.

I was just in seventh heaven, going to presentations by designers I have become familiar with over the years of running the shop, seeing all the new designs and meeting lovely people.

One of the main reasons for attending this year was to meet Kim Moos, founder and CEO of Cotton Cuts. Kim and I have been talking for a while about taking my Mystery Quilt programme to the USA, and it was so much fun to meet up with her in person. Kim is doing a great job, working with a disabled workshop in St Louis to cut the fabrics for the 2017 Mystery Quilt. So now, you can buy the precut Mystery in the USA as well as from Quilters' Lane in New Zealand!

We visited lots of stands Tula Pink's (see photo above) was amazingly bright and colourful, and then we went to see Jennifer Sampou, who designed the fabrics for three of last year's Mystery quilts.


I love Jennifer's style and her use of natural colourings and motifs in her fabrics.

We also got to visit some other fabric designers, some of these may be appearing in future Mysteries!


Jackie McFee of Camelot


15349765_10202358943852850_1340929427500057487_nPatrick Lose


I was so happy to get to know Kim, and I am really looking forward to working with her and Cotton Cuts to bring the fun of the Mystery Quilt to the USA!


About Kim

Kim Moos

Hi, I'm Kim and I'm the Chief Fabric Enthusiast at Cotton Cuts! I've been married to my best friend for 15 years and we have two boys, Lincoln (6) and Dominic (4). We live in St. Louis, via California, Arizona, New Orleans and Boston.

I've been quilting since I was 13 years old. It was a formative year - not only was I able to learn how to use a rotary cutter (life changing), but it was the same year I obtained my first hunting license. There were some basic tenets of my mom's teaching - no scrap left behind, no need to backstitch, press early and often, cut as few times as possible, always use 1/4", only use pins if you have to. I made my first quilt for a friend in high school. It was a quillow (remember those quilts that used to fold up into pockets to make a pillow?) I love to make baby quilts because they are quick to sew and can be done in a weekend - perfect for my busy go-go life.

I started Cotton Cuts earlier this year because I was looking for a new source of inspiration for my own quilting. I was stuck in a rut with the baby blankets – I could only do the same thing for so long. With many of the local quilt stores near me closing, I went online and found site after site of fabric stores but felt overwhelmed by all of the options. Wouldn't it be great if someone could help me navigate all of those options and provide me fabric that I might not buy for myself but would actually love? Cotton Cuts was born!

I recruited some friends to be fabric enthusiasts and to help with all things member care, while I focused on operations. I knew that I wanted to outsource all of our cutting and folding, but it was important to me to invest in my local community and keep all the work close to home. I discovered a workshop for disabled individuals that was willing to take on our project and knew I had found the perfect partner. I had used workshops for other projects and knew the capabilities of these very talented folks. Every Cotton Cuts purchase contributes towards supporting local jobs.

A few months ago, Sheila reached out to me about her Puzzle Mystery Quilt.  I was taken from the first introduction - I am a sucker for quick, fun and new projects.  This wasn't another block of the month and it wasn't a heavy lift for the quilters involved.  It keeps you guessing for 10 months, we do all the cutting AND you get your choice of colors?  It fits so well with the vision and mission of Cotton Cuts, I had to say "Yes!"

It has been my vision that every Cotton Cuts (boxes and Mystery Quilt) delights your inner quilter and challenges you to step out of your comfort zone to try something new.  I hope that we deliver on that vision every month!
To sign up for the 2017 Mystery Quilt go to
New Zealand: www.quilterslane.co.nz
USA: www.cottoncuts.com

Shifting Strata - when grey isn't just grey

It was time to go for a walk .....

The last couple of months have been so busy, I needed to take time out and stretch my legs. My quilt companion is Shifting Strata, a small quilt I made based on Wendy Williams' Crossing Paths pattern back in 2012. I named it after the Christchurch earthquakes. Here's my quilt


And here is Wendy's original


Given the recent shifting of the earth under our feet, it felt like Shifting Strata was a very topical quilt to bring. This was one of my first 'improv' style quilts, and also my first attempt at big stitch hand quilting. It was also one of the first to win me a ribbon, at the Capital Quilters exhibition later that year :)



Having done very little walking over the winter, I took it fairly easy this time. From Kiriwhakapapa campsite there is a loop walk that passes through a grove of redwood trees - these were planted way back before we realised that messing with mother nature is not necessarily a good idea. Now they make a beautiful cathedral, and the native bush is growing up inside, rata vines clinging to the trees and epiphytes growing in the high branches.

The sounds of birds singing and streams flowing with meltwater are so much more soothing to me than the tinned muzak in the shopping malls that we usually get at this time of year. It seemed like everyone else was frantically making their preparations for the big day, as the bush was so quiet I only ran into one like minded soul in two hours of walking. She was headed up to Blue Range Hut - a 700m climb I will have to work up to over the coming season!


Although the path up towards Blue Range is pretty steep, there are some great stopping points. I laid the quilt out on the ground beneath a massive Totara tree


Time for a nice morning tea break, hoping the earth doesn't start shaking and bring the tree down on my head!


There's not a huge amount of showy colour in the bush - no bright flowers or bird plumage. But there is an enormous variety of shades and tonings, and there are some beautiful surprises. Look at the wonderful bright green on this moss covered rock


These leaves stood out amongst the duller colours too - see how the dark green ones behind sit right back - a lesson for colouring our quilts!


The interesting shades I observed reminded me of choosing the colours for Shifting Strata. When I made this quilt, I wanted to do it all in neutrals, so I started with greys, taupes and a little bit of brown. It sat on the design wall in the shop and I would keep looking at it every time
I passed. It seemed dull - how could I add some colour and interest without making it garish?

At the time I was reading and soaking up as much information as I could about colour. One of my go to books was Gloria Loughman's wonderful book Quilted Symphony. From this book I had learned that there is really no such colour as grey or brown - every grey is just a shade of one of the hues on the colour wheel, and brown is just a version of yellow. I realised I could add other yellows to go with the brown, and I played with the greys which had purple tones, and added some purple hits as well. All of a sudden the colours began to work!



After climbing back down the steep track, I carried on around the loop track. This area is full of streams and is always pretty wet and muddy, only drying out in the real heat of summer


I ended up washing my muddy boots in the sparkling stream


This is such a beautiful area, a lovely walk and a bit of a work out for me, I can't wait till next time - now which quilt shall I take?


Wendy Williams is at www.flyingfishkits.com.au. We stock many of her patterns at www.quilterslane.co.nz and can get any that you like into the shop.

Gloria Loughman is another wonderful Australian quilter, see www.glorialoughman.com. We also stock many of her books.

Both Wendy and Gloria will be teaching at the New Zealand Symposium in Christchurch in October 2017. See the link to Creative Construction on the right hand side of this page.

To learn more about colour in quilts from me, sign up for my Patchwork and Quilting techniques class at Quilters' Lane, starting again in 2017.

Plans afoot!

Since the 2016 Mystery Reveal I have had a lovely break away, doing a little traveling around New Zealand.

You may have heard the news about the large earthquake that hit the South Island. There are lots of photos in the news of the damage to the roads and infrastructure there. Although we only felt relatively little shaking here in Masterton, a lot of damage happened on the other side of the mountain ranges in the Wellington area.

Queensgatesource: stuff.co.nz

This is the Queensgate mall  which was closed for a couple of weeks and is now only partially open. I travel past here when going to my Capital Quilters meetings, and when I went last Saturday it was eerily quiet - usually at this time of year it would take ages to drive through the town. Buildings are being demolished and there is a lot of work going on to get things back to normal.

Meanwhile back in Masterton, I am preparing lots of exciting things for next year.


We had so much fun making the 2016 Mystery quilt. I'm loving seeing the results that people are posting in the facebook group.

Here's Sue's Glittering Paua colourway

  Paua Sue
Miep made the Teal and Steel with extra large borders

Teal and Steel Miep

This is  Stone and Moss made by Marion

Stone and Moss Lisa

If you missed making the 2016 quilt, you can still buy the month by month clues in my Craftsy store - see the link on the right. Start with the Puzzle Mystery Details download which tells you how to pick your fabrics.

The colourways for 2017 are all ready to go and will be launched on the shop website this Saturday, December 3rd.

There is also exciting news for those of you in the USA who want to take part in my Mystery - I am partnering with a company in the US to offer the Mystery as a precut block of the month. Watch out for more information in the next few days.



The second project is my Modern Triangle Sampler, which I will be running as the #totallytrianglequiltalong next year. My trusty pattern testers have been busy making blocks and checking my instructions. Linda has made the sampler quilt in all red and white fabrics


I love it in these colours!

I will be polishing up the pattern over the next couple of weeks and then it will be available in my Craftsy store as well as in the shop. There will also be classes to learn the techniques - at Quilters' Lane and also in the UK next year at Lady Sew n Sew and Simply Solids.

Ask your guild or local quilt shop nicely and they might get me to come along and teach it too.

The Quiltalong to make the 25 blocks starts on January 7th, and I will be posting information about how it will run and what you need to get started. 

2017 is going to be so much fun,  I do hope you will join me in one of my projects!