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Plans afoot!

Since the 2016 Mystery Reveal I have had a lovely break away, doing a little traveling around New Zealand.

You may have heard the news about the large earthquake that hit the South Island. There are lots of photos in the news of the damage to the roads and infrastructure there. Although we only felt relatively little shaking here in Masterton, a lot of damage happened on the other side of the mountain ranges in the Wellington area.


This is the Queensgate mall  which was closed for a couple of weeks and is now only partially open. I travel past here when going to my Capital Quilters meetings, and when I went last Saturday it was eerily quiet - usually at this time of year it would take ages to drive through the town. Buildings are being demolished and there is a lot of work going on to get things back to normal.

Meanwhile back in Masterton, I am preparing lots of exciting things for next year.


We had so much fun making the 2016 Mystery quilt. I'm loving seeing the results that people are posting in the facebook group.

Here's Sue's Glittering Paua colourway

  Paua Sue
Miep made the Teal and Steel with extra large borders

Teal and Steel Miep

This is  Stone and Moss made by Marion

Stone and Moss Lisa

If you missed making the 2016 quilt, you can still buy the month by month clues in my Craftsy store - see the link on the right. Start with the Puzzle Mystery Details download which tells you how to pick your fabrics.

The colourways for 2017 are all ready to go and will be launched on the shop website this Saturday, December 3rd.

There is also exciting news for those of you in the USA who want to take part in my Mystery - I am partnering with a company in the US to offer the Mystery as a precut block of the month. Watch out for more information in the next few days.



The second project is my Modern Triangle Sampler, which I will be running as the #totallytrianglequiltalong next year. My trusty pattern testers have been busy making blocks and checking my instructions. Linda has made the sampler quilt in all red and white fabrics


I love it in these colours!

I will be polishing up the pattern over the next couple of weeks and then it will be available in my Craftsy store as well as in the shop. There will also be classes to learn the techniques - at Quilters' Lane and also in the UK next year at Lady Sew n Sew and Simply Solids.

Ask your guild or local quilt shop nicely and they might get me to come along and teach it too.

The Quiltalong to make the 25 blocks starts on January 7th, and I will be posting information about how it will run and what you need to get started. 

2017 is going to be so much fun,  I do hope you will join me in one of my projects!


2016 Puzzle Mystery - All is Revealed!

Hi there! What an exciting day - it's the Big Reveal of my 2016 Puzzle Mystery Quilt.

If you have been quilting along, this blog post contains photos of putting the quilt together. You will need the month ten instructions - either from your Mystery pack or by downloading from my Craftsy store.

If you are new to this quilt, the clues are all available on Craftsy. Start by downloading the free information which will tell you about the quilt and how much fabric you need.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the quilts.  My samples are in two of the colourways that we offered through the shop. We had fourteen different colourways altogether, and I will show you some photos of other colourways after the reveal day.

The single quilt is shown here in the Tokyo Garden colourway.

Mystery 2016 Tokyo Garden

And here is the double in the Pewter and Linen colourway

 Mystery 2016 Pewter and Linen Double

Did you guess the layout?

So now it is time to show you how to put all the pieces together:

Here are the photos that follow the instructions you will get.

Step One

D1/K1     D1 k1


B1 / D1/ K1

B1 d1 k1

Step Two


M1 f1


AA1 H1


F1 M1 AA1 H1

Step Three

Centre Section top half

Centre Section bottom half

Centre Section completeThat's the centre section completed!


Step Four : E1/L1

E1 L1


E1 L1 C1

Step Five: G1/I1: - oops my label slipped, thank goodness for Paint,  I fixed it up on the photo!

G1 I1


G1 I1 J1

Step Six

Step Six

Step Six 2

Step Seven

Step Seven 1

Step Seven 2

Step Eight

Step Eight


So here is the main part of your quilt top complete! Follow the written instructions to add your borders.

I hope you have enjoyed this year's Mystery quilt




2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Nine

Here we are at the last but one clue! Will you be ready for next month's Big Reveal? Make sure you get all of your clues up to date and labelled. It doesn't take long once you sit down and get sewing.

I'm so excited to have both sample quilts back from Noeline at the Quilting Shed, she has done a lovely job with the quilting and I just have to get the binding on them now!


M1 M2 4 and 7

Here is step 1

M1 M2 7 and 4 step 2

step 2

M1 M2 4 and 6

 step 3

M1 M2 6 4 and 2

and step 4

M1 M2

and here are my parts M1 and M2 all done.

Now onto parts N1 and N2

N1 N2

N1 N2 step 3

N1 N2 step4


Extra pieces for the double quilt....


LC3 1 LC3




That's it! All the pieces are made and ready to assemble next month. The Big Reveal is on Saturday November 5th (New Zealand time).

See you then!



2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Eight

Here we are in September already. My Instagram feed is full of kids going back to school, or spring blossoms, depending on where in the world you live.

September means two more months until the Big Reveal! It is getting real now - one of the sample quilt tops is done and the other just has one more bit to do, then they will go for quilting.

If you are feeling like you are a bit behind, take heart. This month I have gone easy on you and there's not too much to do. So why not have a catch-up session with any of those previous blocks you haven't got round to. Make the most of the days with kids at school , or the lighter evenings, and indulge in a little sewing time....


Here are the steps for clue eight of this year's Mystery. If you are just starting, the clues are available in my Craftsy store. These give you full instructions for picking fabrics, cutting and piecing the sections.


L1 4 7 7

Here is step one

Square of 3 plus 4 6

Step 2


Here is my section L1 all complete.

Now to make the extra parts for the double size quilt:


I hope you have enjoyed this nice easy month! Come back on October 1st for part nine,

 You can follow me on Instagram @mysteryquilter, and don't forget out facebook group, where you can post photos of your blocks.


2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Seven and Sew Marlborough

What a busy month it has been! In July, we had Sew Marlborough, the New Zealand mini Symposium. Hundreds of excited quilters gathered together in Blenheim on the South Island of New Zealand for five days of classes, exhibitions, merchants and meeting up with friends old and new.


We were up before dawn to get to the ferry terminal in Wellington


What a view we had from our seats at the front of the lounge area! This is the beautiful Marlborough Sounds on the South Island of New Zealand.

Opening night arrived and I was up on stage to award the Hoffman Challenge prizes for 2015. Here is the fantastic winning quilt, 'Sarah and Getty', by Debby Williams.


You can see photos of all the quilts on the New Zealand Hoffman Challenge page.

Over the next couple of days I went to a class with Jacqui Karl of Kowhai View creations. Two days of art quilting, using freezer paper stencils, discharge paste and paints was just what I needed to completely relax and rest my mind from the day to day business of the shop. Jacqui is a great teacher and a lovely, generous person. She has her timing down pat, and I managed to complete my little quilt in the class. It's always a bonus when you don't have a UFO to bring home!

Here's what I made



Every night at Symposium the participants gather for Happy Hour. When you think of Happy Hour, especially in the heart of Marlborough wine country, you think of Sauvignon Blanc. Not so. Legislation made it too hard for the organisers to serve wine, but nobody missed it.  The presenters, Clare and Venice, had us in stitches every evening with their double act. Here they are dressed in their grape vine costumes, organising the Iron Woman championships.


Competitors in the Iron Woman championships working their seam rippers furiously in the unpicking event.

All in all a great few days in a beautiful place surrounded by wonderful people!

So, on to this month's Mystery clue.....

Welcome to the photos to go with clue seven of this year's Mystery. If you are new to my Mystery, you can download information from Craftsy, and the clues can be purchased from there each month. We also have a facebook group where you can share photos and news with other Mystery Quilters.

Here are the photos for sections J1 to J4

J1 step 1


Well that was nice and easy, now on to sections K1 and K2



K1 4 and 6

Fabrics 4 and 6

K1 6 4 6

Plus a square of 6


K1 4 and 6

Another 4 and 6

K1 step 1

1 and 6


K1 6 4 1 6

Joined together


Section K1 complete.

Now the extras for the double quilt:


Here is LA1


Make two of LA3




And LA1R


I noticed that in an earlier month I had not been paying attention to my stripes when making the parts like these, so had to do a bit of unpicking!  If you have a directional fabric, make sure you use the correct small triangle on each one to get the stripes going the same way.


So that is month seven complete. Just three months to go now until the big reveal! I have just about completed my sample quilt and I am already cooking up next year's Mystery......


2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Six

Happy July to you all. Here in New Zealand we are really starting to feel the chill of winter. My lemon tree was pretty frosty this morning!

Frosted lemons

You can just see the mandarins in the top right as well. Yesterday I picked a whole bowlful of these, it's the first year they have been edible.

Today will be a busy day in the shop. People will be coming in to pick up their month six Mystery packs, we have the Hoffman Challenge quilts on display, and this afternoon we are having a hexy stitching session. This is for the Katja Marek quiltalongs that we are doing. I have put the link to Katja's quiltalong pages on the sidebar.

We are rolling along with our Mystery Quilt! I hope you are enjoying putting it together.

Here are the photos for this month's sections:

I1 to I4 4 and 5

Here are my half square triangles sewn together for sections I1 to I4

I1 to I4 rect 2 4 and 5

I added the rectangles, here are I1 and I2


And nice and easy - I1 complete.

Now onto sections H1 and H2

4 and 7 triangles

I like to chain piece my triangles, so I have done the other HST's next to keep my production line going!

H1 H2 4 and 6

Now to add the squares:

H1 H2 rectangle of 2 plus 4 and 7

H1 H2 4 6 and square of 7

And finally putting it all together

H1 H2

Here are the sections for the double quilt

LA2 four


Keep on growing that quilt step by step, you will have a quilt top in no time!


2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Five

June in New Zealand is when we have the shortest month, but whether it is hot or cold where you are, take some time out to complete your fifth clue in this year's Mystery Quilt.

Here are the step by step photos for you to follow along with your instructions.

If you are new to the Mystery Quilt, you can download the free guidelines from my Craftsy store, and then purchase clues each month. Visit

Step 1: Fabrics 6 and 4

Step 1

Step 2: Join to fabric 3

Step 2

Step 3: Fabrics 7 and 4

Step 3

Step 4:

Add fabric 7

Step 4

Step 5: Join together

 Step 5

Step 6: Add fabric 5


Here are the four sections G1 to G4

G1 to G4

Here are the extras for the double quilt:





Don't forget to post photos of your quilt in our facebook group at

So now you are halfway through the Mystery,



Here we go again - Clue number four of the Mystery

Hi Everyone

It is so much fun getting feedback on this year's Mystery Quilt as we go along. If you haven't done so, please do join our facebook group and post photos of your quilt.

Here are some of the photos that our lovely Mystery Quilters have shared. From the left, these are from Judy, Gail and Helen. Gail is doing our 1892 Reproduction colourway which features Moda's Collections for a Cause Millbook 1892 fabrics.

12821490_10207436716490374_5763669045661438164_n  12512231_10205828632225989_2812378956449246049_n  11218156_337849576339009_4169222844218312063_n

Isn't it great seeing the different colours that people choose? I can't wait to see the finished quilts - but I will just have to be patient and wait for November!

We are now onto clue number four. Here are the step by step photos for this month's clue. Follow your instructions (either in your Mystery pack or from Craftsy) for detailed information on the steps.


For single and double quilts:

Sections E1 to E4

Make your half square triangle units of 4 and 5

Step 1 (four)

Step 2:

Join the rectangles of 2

Step 2 (four)

Step 3:

Join the longer rectangles of fabric 1

Step 3 (four)

Sections F1 and F2:

Step 1:

Make half square triangle units of 4 and 6

Triangle 4 6 (two)

Step 2:

Join to the squares of 6


Step 3:

Make half square triangle units of 1 and 6


Step 4:

Make half square triangle units of 4 and 6

Triangle 6 4 (two)

Step 5:

Join together


Step 6:

Join step 5 to step 2, and you are done!

F1 and F2


If you are doing a double quilt, here are the pieces you are making :

Extra for doubles     Extra for doubles (four)

Aren't these getting nice and easy now?

I hope you enjoy this month's Mystery clue. See you next time!



2016 Puzzle Mystery Clue Three

Here are the photos to go with the instructions for Clue Three of this year's Mystery Quilt.

You will need to have the pattern, either from your precut pack, or download Clue 3 from my Craftsy store.

I have been working on the Pewter and Linen quilt again, as this is the one of my colourways that has the most directional fabrics, so you can see which direction the stripes go if you have any.

Here's the first part, making C1 to C4

C1 step 1

Then a simple step to complete the section:

C1 to C4

I like to chain piece to make my sewing quicker - here's an action shot!

Sewing C1 to C4

If you haven't done chain piecing before, do give it a try. You just follow one piece of sewing right in front of the next, and clip the thread when you are done. Use a scrap piece as a leader/ender and you will save a lot of thread, as well as stopping your machine from pushing the fabric down and getting all tangled up.

Right, that's C1 to C4 made, now onto D1 and D2

D1 step 1

D1 step 2

D1 step 3

D1 step 4


D1 and D2


That's my single quilt pieces made, now onto the extra parts I need for my double:



Well those were easy, just like last month but with different fabric.

Now for the last two sections:

LB1B step 0

If you get your Mystery Quilt as a precut kit, you can see that the die cut triangles have their corners cut off. This is really handy for getting the next piece lined up correctly:


Look in the bottom right hand corner of the photo above - see how the cut off corner of my small triangle lines up with the larger triangle. This will make everything look beautiful when it's sewn:

LB1B step 2

Now to add the final triangle:


This is LB1B

And my other section, LB1T:



 Until next time!



The Mystery Continues - Part Two

Hi everyone,

Well it is now March and after a glorious New Zealand summer, autumn is arriving. The tomatoes keep on giving, as does my single zucchini plant - one a day just for me. For us in the southern hemisphere, thoughts are turning to spending the cooler days and nights sewing, while all of you in northern climes are thinking of spring. Whatever the weather, there's always time to make a couple of easy sections for the Mystery Quilt.

I have started making some more of the colourways in my 2016 Mystery. One of these is called 'Pewter and Linen', and uses some gorgeous fabrics designed by Jennifer Sampou, from her Shimmer range.

If you would like to start making my Mystery Quilt, you can download the pattern in my Craftsy store.

This blog contains photos to help those of you who have purchased the pattern or who are making the ready-cut Mystery quilt from my shop, Quilters' Lane

If you are using directional or striped fabric for your Mystery Quilt, take a look at my previous post for how to deal with these fabrics.

Here are my month two sections:

  IMG_2457Here's the beginning part. For some reason, Typepad has rotated this photo, so just turn your head to the side and you will see that it is the same as the instructions!

Maybe someone who is more Typepad savvy than me can tell me how to get my photos round the right way - they were OK before I imported them to here :)





Next, I made my sections with the half square triangles

IMG_2464 IMG_2463

These parts were joined together


And finally, sections B1 and B2 were completed



So now, if I was going to make just a single quilt, I would stop there, but this is going to be a double, so here are the extra sections LB1 to LB4.



And here are my blocks for the Tokyo Garden quilt

IMG_2475   Step double 2

And finally, the Japanese Traditions Quilt

IMG_2519                      IMG_2520

Whatever your choice of colours, I hope you enjoy this month's clue. I can't wait to see your versions on our facebook group at